A running series about laundry.
It is perhaps one of those activities that universally engage humans across cultures, across spaces. 
It also happens to be one of my favourite household chores. I love the smell of fresh laundry, the view of clean clothes drying in the sun. It makes me think of new beginnings and fresh starts.   
Photographs have been taken in China, Cuba, France, Georgia, and Romania.
Sinaia, Romania. 75% humidity, slight wind, -2°C.
Aubagne, France. 64% humidity, overcast sky, no wind, 9°C.
Havana, Cuba. 98% humidity, mostly cloudy sky, strong winds, 33°C.
Santiago, Cuba. 78% humidity, no wind, 28°C.
Tskaltubo, Georgia. Clear sky, 28°C.
Havana, Cuba. 97% humidity, no wind, 31°C.
Santiago, Cuba. 70% humidity, no wind, 25°C.
Santiago, Cuba. 88% humidity, light winds, 29°C.
Havana, Cuba. 94% humidity, clear sky, no wind, 30°C.
Madrid, Spain. 44% humidity, light winds, 6°C.
Madrid, Spain. 40% humidity, light winds, 8°C.
Madrid, Spain. 40% humidity, light winds, 8°C.
Santiago, Cuba. 93% humidity, no wind, 33°C.
Shanghai, China. 56% humidity, no wind, 8°C.
Shanghai, China. 64% humidity, light winds, 12°C.
Shanghai, China. 61% humidity, no wind, 10°C.
Shanghai, China. 63% humidity, no wind, 11°C.