My work as researcher and photographer is located at the intersection of transport, urban and political geography.
My research focuses on three main themes. First, I am interested in bringing critical social theory and decolonial theory to transport geography. I study the political economy and governance of “sustainable” transport policies, transport in/formality, and publicness of public transport. I am particularly curious about practices of fare evasion and control, and the policy of fare abolition, otherwise known as fare-free public transport.
Second, I explore the urban and political geography of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). I look at how the BRI materialises “on the ground” in two localities in Eastern Poland — Narewka and Małaszewicze — where important logistical hubs at the European Border are located, narrated as “gateways to Europe”. I scrutinise what local interests the BRI represents and opposes, who advances and contests it, how it relates to local economy and urban development.
Third, I study diverse alternatives to the capitalist mode of producing urban space and society. These include practices inspired by the notion of circular economy and degrowth, and various examples of citizen participation, for instance the policy of participatory budgeting. I explore how, why and for whom these “alternatives” emerge, and how they are transferred and “mobilised” between urban contexts.
My research is truly international, with projects completed and ongoing in local settings as diverse as Aubagne (France), Brussels (Belgium), Chengdu (China), Helsinki (Finland), Narewka and Małaszewicze (Poland), Madrid (Spain), Santiago (Cuba), Tallinn (Estonia), Wrocław and Żory (Poland).
You are welcome to consult my publications and download my full academic CV.